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Open Glaciers

moving mass of ice that survives year to year, formed by the compacting of snow into névé and then into granular ice and set in motion outward and

Open Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef

Chain of coral reefs and islands about 2,000 km/1,250 mi long, in the Coral Sea, off the east coast of Queensland, Australia, about 16–241 km/10–150


( grēb ), common name for swimming birds found on or near quiet waters in most parts of the world. Grebes resemble the loon and the duck ; they have

Open Groupers

common name for a large carnivorous member of the family Serranidae (sea bass family), abundant in tropical and subtropical seas and highly valued as

Open Gulf of Mexico
Gulf of Mexico

arm of the Atlantic Ocean, c.700,000 sq mi (1,813,000 sq km), SE North America. The Gulf stretches more than 1,100 mi (1,770 km) from west to east and

Open Guyots

Flat-topped seamount. Such undersea mountains are found throughout the abyssal plains of major ocean basins, and most of them are covered by an