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Open Gardening

Laying out and tending of a garden . Though palatial gardens existed in ancient times, small home gardens became prevalent only in the 19th century.


GARDENS ARE IMPORTANT elements of human–environment relationships. Historically, people have managed gardens for food, medicine, income, and ritual

Open Garlic

Garlic is a common ingredient in cooking, and it is also considered a familiar dietary supplement, used for high cholesterol, heart disease, and high

Open genetically modified foods
genetically modified foods

Introduction Genetically modified (GM) foods are increasingly controversial as they become more widespread. They have met a barrage of criticism and

Open Genetically modified organism
Genetically modified organism

ALTHOUGH HUMANS HAVE altered the characteristics of many other species over the years (most notably in plant and animal domestication), a watershed

Open Genetics

Genetics is the branch of biology that studies heredity. The passing of biological information from parents to offspring occurs through the

Open germination

in a seed, process by which the plant embryo within the seed resumes growth after a period of dormancy and the seedling emerges. The length of

Open Ginger

common name for members of the Zingiberaceae, a family of tropical and subtropical perennial herbs, chiefly of Indomalaysia. The aromatic oils of many

Open Ginkgo

( gĭng'kō ) or maidenhair tree, tall, slender, picturesque deciduous tree ( Ginkgo biloba ) with fan-shaped leaves. The ginkgo is native to E China,

Open Ginseng

( jĭn'sĕng ), common name for the Araliaceae, a family of tropical herbs, shrubs, and trees that are often prickly and sometimes grow as climbing