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Gadamer, Hans-Georg, 1900-2002

Hans-Georg Gadamer was a long-lived (1900-2002) German philosopher, best known as a student of Martin Heidegger. He developed an account of

Galvani, Luigi (1737 - 1798)

Place: Italy Subject : biography, biology Italian anatomist whose discovery of ‘animal electricity’ stimulated the work of Alessandro Volta and others

Gentile, Giovanni (1875 - 1944)

Giovanni Gentile (1875-1944) was an influential Italian philosopher, educator, and politician chiefly remembered for his educational reforms and

Open George Boole (1815-1864)
George Boole (1815-1864)

Place: United Kingdom, England Subject : biography, maths and statistics English mathematician who, by being the first to employ symbolic language and

Germain, Sophie (1776 - 1831)

Place : France Subject : biography, physics French mathematician who developed the modern theory of elasticity (the mathematical theory of the stress

Open Gestalt

( gəshtält' ) [Ger.,=form], school of psychology that interprets phenomena as organized wholes rather than as aggregates of distinct parts,

Ghose, Aurobindo (1872 - 1950)

( ôrōbĭn'dō gōsh ), 1872–1950, Indian nationalist leader and mystic philosopher. Born in Bengal, he was sent to England and lived there for 14 years,

Gilson, Étienne (1884 - 1978)

Étienne Gilson was the greatest Thomist philosopher of the 20th century. The Frenchman's thought falls into three parts. Having been trained at the


A big buzzword in political speech and a ubiquitous analytical category in academic debate, globalization operates today rather like modernization did

Open Gödel, Kurt
Gödel, Kurt

Kurt Gödel was a mathematical logician who is best known for his incompleteness theorem. He also developed a theory of time travel based on Einstein's