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Gao, Xingjian

Chinese-born French novelist, dramatist, and artist. Gao Xingjian's writings reflect his views as a political activist and supporter of human rights.

Open García Lorca, Federico (1898 - 1936)
García Lorca, Federico (1898 - 1936)

( fāðārē'kō gärthē'ä lôr'kä ), 1898–1936, Spanish poet and dramatist, b. Fuente Vaqueros. The poetry, passion, and violence of his work and his own

Open GarcÍa Márquez, Gabriel (1928 - 2014)
GarcÍa Márquez, Gabriel (1928 - 2014)

Considered Latin America's most influential writer, this Colombian author won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982. His intellectual formation was

Garrick, David (1717 - 1779)

1717–79, English actor, manager, and dramatist. He was indisputably the greatest English actor of the 18th cent., and his friendships with Diderot,

Gascoigne, George (1525 - 1577)

English poet and dramatist. He is the author of Supposes (1573), a translation of I suppositi by Ludovico Ariosto, and the earliest extant comedy in

Open Genesis (Book of the Old Testament)
Genesis (Book of the Old Testament)

Genesis is the first book of the Hebrew Bible and Christian Old Testament. The basic premise of this book is to recount the stories of the Hebrew

Open Genet, Jean (1910 - 1986)
Genet, Jean (1910 - 1986)

French dramatist, novelist, and poet. His turbulent life and early years spent in prison are reflected in his drama, characterized by ritual,

Genovese, Eugene D., 1930-2012

1930–2012, American historian, b. Brooklyn, N.Y., grad. Brooklyn College (B.A., 1953), Columbia (M.A., 1955; Ph.D., 1959). Known for his penetrating


From the French for “kind” or “sort,” and etymologically derived from the Latin genus , the word “genre” has connotations of biological kind, and its

George, Henry (1839 - 1897)

1839–97, American economist, founder of the single tax movement, b. Philadelphia. Of a poor family, his formal education was cut short at 14, and in