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G7 (forum)

Group of 7 (G7) is an assemblage of leading industrialized states. These states convene annually to discuss world economic problems. The grouping

G-8 Summit

An association of seven major industrialized nations of the world whose heads of governments meet annually to coordinate their economic policies. The

Open Gabbro

Colour Grey, dark grey, black; may have a bluish or greenish tone. Colour index 30 to 90; with a decrease of coloured minerals gabbro grades into

Gable, Clark (1901 - 1960)

Clark Gable was known as the “King of Hollywood” in the late 1930s. He acted in a vast number of films; his most famous role was that of Rhett Butler

Open Gables

(also ( Scot ) gā'vel ) the triangular part of an exterior wall of a building between the top of the side-walls and the slopes on the roof; a

Open Gabon

( gäbôN' ), officially Gabonese Republic, republic (2005 est. pop. 1,389,000), 103,346 sq mi (267,667 sq km), W central Africa. It borders on the

Gabo, Naum (1890 - 1977)

Russian-born US abstract sculptor. One of the leading exponents of constructivism, he was one of the first artists to make kinetic sculpture . In

Gabor, Dennis (1900 - 1979)

Place: United Kingdom, Hungary Subject : biography, technology and manufacturing Hungarian-born British physicist and electrical engineer, famous for

Open Gaborone (Botswana)
Gaborone (Botswana)

Gaborone is the capital and most populous city of Botswana, a large, land-locked country in southern Africa. It is in far south of the country on the

Gabriel, Jacques-Ange (1698 - 1782)

( zhäk äNzh gäbrēĕl' ), 1698–1782, French architect of the classical tradition. Descendant of a long line of architects, he ranks as one of the most