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Faber, Marc (1946 - )

1946 Born in Zurich, Switzerland. 1970 Received PhD in economics from the University of Zurich. 1970 Started work for White Weld & Co. Ltd in New


( fā'bēəs ), ancient Roman gens. The family was most distinguished from the 5th cent. B.C. onward. However, little is known of the early members.

Fackenheim, Emil L.

Fackenheim’s grandparents were conservative Jews who kept kosher. His mother was descended from a long line of rabbis and was very pious in the

Falconet, Étienne-Maurice (1716 - 1791)

1716-91 French sculptor He was born in Paris, became a pupil of François Le Moyne , and was director of sculpture at the Sèvres porcelain factory from

Falla, Manuel de (1876 - 1946)

Spanish composer. The folk music (flamenco) of southern Spain is a major part of his compositions. His opera La vida breve/Brief Life (1905; first

Open Falwell, Jerry
Falwell, Jerry

Without question one of the most controversial religious figures of the second half of the 20th century, Jerry Falwell (1933–2007) built a religious

Fama, Eugene (1939 - )

1939 Born in Boston, Massachusetts. 1960 Receives a BA from Tufts University. 1963 Received MBA from University of Chicago, Graduate School of

Open Fanon, Frantz, 1925-1961
Fanon, Frantz, 1925-1961

Frantz Fanon is probably the most well-known activist and theorist of the anticolonial independence movements of the post–World War II period. His

Open Faraday, Michael (1791 - 1867)
Faraday, Michael (1791 - 1867)

Place : France Subject : biography, physics English physicist and chemist who is often regarded as the greatest experimental scientist of the 1800s.

Farmer, James, 1920-1999

US civil-rights leader, educator, administrator, and one of the founders, in 1942, of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), a civil-rights