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Open Facebook (Electronic resource)
Facebook (Electronic resource)

In the first decade of the 2000s, social network sites (SNS) emerged as one of the dominant means for accessing information and communication online.

Falconet, Étienne-Maurice (1716 - 1791)

1716-91 French sculptor He was born in Paris, became a pupil of François Le Moyne , and was director of sculpture at the Sèvres porcelain factory from


( fôl'kənrē, fô'–, făl'– ), sport of hunting birds or small animals with falcons or other types of hawks; eagles are used in some parts of the world.

Falla, Manuel de (1876 - 1946)

Spanish composer. The folk music (flamenco) of southern Spain is a major part of his compositions. His opera La vida breve/Brief Life (1905; first

Open Farrar, Geraldine (1882 - 1967)
Farrar, Geraldine (1882 - 1967)

Geraldine Farrar was one of the most famous women of her time and arguably the finest operatic talent of the early 1900s. She was amazingly popular

Open Fashion

in dress, the prevailing mode affecting modifications in costume. Styles in Asia have been characterized by freedom from change, and ancient Greek and

Open Fassbinder, Rainer Werner (1946 - 1982)
Fassbinder, Rainer Werner (1946 - 1982)

( rì'nər vĕr'nər fäs'bĭn´´dər ), 1946–82, German filmmaker, b. Bad Wörishofen, Bavaria. One of the most highly regarded and prolific directors of the

Fauré, Gabriel (Urbain) (1845 - 1924)

French composer. He wrote songs, chamber music, and a choral Requiem (1887–89). He was a pupil of Saint-Saëns, became professor of composition at the


The protagonist of a popular German tale in which a scholar makes a pact with the Devil; based on a historical 16th-century figure, the legend has

Open Fauvism

Movement in modern French painting characterized by the use of very bold, vivid, pure colours. The name is a reference to the fact that the works