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Farm Credit Administration

(FCA), an independent agency of the executive branch of the federal government that supervises and regulates the Farm Credit System (FCS) for American

Fava bean

Broad bean or fava (faba) bean (also known as horse bean, field bean, tick bean or Windsor bean) ( Vicia faba L.) is a cool-season legume popular in


Looking like a bulbous celery heart, Florence fennel, or finocchio , is in fact the swollen base of the stem of the plant. It grows best in

Open fern

any plant of the division Polypodiophyta. Fern species, numbering several thousand, are found throughout the world but are especially abundant in


name for members of the genus Ficus of the family Moraceae ( mulberry family). This large genus contains some 800 species of widely varied tropical


common name for some members of the Scrophulariaceae, a family comprising chiefly herbs and small shrubs and distributed widely over all continents.

Open Flax

common name for members of the Linaceae, a family of annual herbs, especially members of the genus Linum, and for the fiber obtained from such plants.

Open Flowers

name for the specialized part of a plant containing the reproductive organs, applied to angiosperms only. A flower may be thought of as a modified,

Food additives

In food, any natural or artificial chemical added to prolong the shelf life of processed foods (salt or nitrates), alter the colour, texture, or

Open Food chain
Food chain

In ecology, a sequence showing the feeding relationships between organisms in a habitat or ecosystem . It shows who eats whom. An organism in one food