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family planning

Deliberate control of human population growth by various means (contraceptives, sterilization, and abortion), in order to reduce the birth rate . The

Fauré, Gabriel (Urbain) (1845 - 1924)

French composer. He wrote songs, chamber music, and a choral Requiem (1887–89). He was a pupil of Saint-Saëns, became professor of composition at the

Field, John (1782 - 1837)

Irish-born pianist and composer, celebrated as the inventor of the nocturne, a type of reflective character piece later adopted (and developed) by

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) is a Philadelphia-based nonprofit organization that aims to protect students’ First Amendment

Froebel, Friedrich Wilhelm August (1782 - 1852)

( frā'bəl, frō'–, Ger. frē'drĭkh vĭl'hĕlm ou'gʊst frö'bəl ), 1782–1852, German educator and founder of the kindergarten system. He had an unhappy