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Body of rock strata possessing unifying characteristics usually indicative of the environment in which the rocks were formed. The term is also used to

Open Flood

inundation of land by the rise and overflow of a body of water. Floods occur most commonly when water from heavy rainfall, from melting ice and snow,

Open Floodplains

A floodplain is one of the ubiquitous fluvial features found along major rivers. It is a wide, flat plain of alluvium on either side of a river

Open Fluoridation

( flʊr´´ĭdā'shən ), process of adding a fluoride to the water supply of a community to preserve the teeth of the inhabitants. Tooth enamel ordinarily


( fān, Ger. fön ), warm, dry wind that occurs on the leeward slopes of a ridge of mountains. The term was originally applied to a wind of the Alps but


Cloud that collects at the surface of the Earth, composed of water vapour that has condensed on particles of dust in the atmosphere. Cloud and fog are

Open Food Security
Food Security

Food security, as defined by the World Food Summit of 1996, is “when people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain


the management of forest lands for wood , water, wildlife, forage, and recreation. Because the major economic importance of the forest lies in wood


The development of Marcellus shale into natural gas after 2007 relied on a number of new and emerging technologies. In each case, these innovations


or hoarfrost, ice formed by the condensation of atmospheric water vapor on a surface when the temperature of the surface is below 32 degrees