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Body of rock strata possessing unifying characteristics usually indicative of the environment in which the rocks were formed. The term is also used to

Open Falcons

common name for members of the Falconidae, a heterogeneous family of long-winged birds of prey similar to the hawks but genetically more closely

Open Faraday, Michael (1791 - 1867)
Faraday, Michael (1791 - 1867)

Place : France Subject : biography, physics English physicist and chemist who is often regarded as the greatest experimental scientist of the 1800s.


In the broadest sense, a mixture of lipids – chiefly triglycerides (lipids containing three fatty acid molecules linked to a molecule of glycerol).

Open fault

in geology, fracture in the earth's crust in which the rock on one side of the fracture has measurable movement in relation to the rock on the other

Fava bean

Broad bean or fava (faba) bean (also known as horse bean, field bean, tick bean or Windsor bean) ( Vicia faba L.) is a cool-season legume popular in

Open Fear

Fear may be the most important emotion for the survival of the human species. The experience of fear is the immediate subjective experience of

Open feather

Rigid outgrowth of the outer layer of the skin of birds, made of the protein keratin. Feathers provide insulation and facilitate flight. There are

Fechner, Gustav (1801 - 1887)

Gustav Theodor Fechner (1801–1887) was a German physicist and philosopher whose application of mathematical and scientific methods to psychological

Open Female Reproductive System
Female Reproductive System

Unlike the male, the female reproductive organs are sited entirely inside the body. Their function is to ripen and release an egg at regular