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A brief verse or prose narrative or description, whose characters may be animals ("The Cicada and the Ant") or inanimate objects ("The Iron Pot and


in folklore, one of a variety of supernatural beings endowed with the powers of magic and enchantment. Belief in fairies has existed from earliest

Open Fairy tales
Fairy tales

These are short ‘once upon a time’ narratives existing paradoxically concurrent with, yet removed from, the present and possessing qualities of


( fäkēr', fā'kər ), [Arab.,=poverty], in Islam, usually an initiate in a Sufi order. The title fakir is borne with the understanding that poverty is


( fälä'shəs ) [Amharic,=exiles], Jews of Ethiopia who refer to themselves as Beta Israel (House of Israel). Long isolated from mainstream Judaism,

Falun Gong

Chinese religious sect, influenced by Buddhism and Taoism, founded in 1992 by Li Hongzhi, which claims 100 million members worldwide, including 80

Open Falwell, Jerry
Falwell, Jerry

Without question one of the most controversial religious figures of the second half of the 20th century, Jerry Falwell (1933–2007) built a religious

Open Fathers of the church
Fathers of the church

The period of the Church Fathers begins with those earliest Christians who were not themselves eyewitnesses to Christ's earthly ministry, yet knew

Open  Fawkes, Guy (1570-1606)
Fawkes, Guy (1570-1606)

English conspirator in the Gunpowder Plot to blow up King James I and the members of both Houses of Parliament. Fawkes, a Roman Catholic convert, was

Open Fenrir (Norse mythology)
Fenrir (Norse mythology)

Wolf; enemy of the gods. Fenrir is also called Fenrisúlf, that is, the wolf of Fenrir, and this usage has never been satisfactorily explained. He has