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A brief verse or prose narrative or description, whose characters may be animals ("The Cicada and the Ant") or inanimate objects ("The Iron Pot and

Fahrenheit 451

A novel by Ray Bradbury (1953) FILM : Fahrenheit 451 (Rank/Universal 1966). Adaptation by François Truffaut, Jean-Louis Richard. Director : François

Open Fairy tales
Fairy tales

These are short ‘once upon a time’ narratives existing paradoxically concurrent with, yet removed from, the present and possessing qualities of

Fantasy literature

Genre of unrealistic fiction. The term has been loosely applied to a range of works and attempts to define it more precisely have not been successful.

Farrell, James (1904 - 1979)

Despite that fact that James T. Farrell wrote 27 novels, scores of short stories and essays, and more than a dozen collections of literary criticism,

Open Faulkner, William (1897 - 1962)
Faulkner, William (1897 - 1962)

William Faulkner's signature novel – The Sound and the Fury (1929) – captures the tumult of a collapsing world giving way to a new. Set across the


The protagonist of a popular German tale in which a scholar makes a pact with the Devil; based on a historical 16th-century figure, the legend has

Fénelon, François (1651 - 1715)

French archbishop and writer. Louis XIV appointed him tutor to his grandson, the duke of Burgundy, in 1689. He then became archbishop of Cambrai and

Open Ferber, Edna
Ferber, Edna

One of the most popular writers of the first half of the twentieth century, Edna Ferber succeeded in multiple genres, including the short story, the

Fielding, Henry (1707 - 1754)

English novelist. His greatest work, The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling (1749) (see Tom Jones ), which he described as ‘a comic epic poem in