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( fā'bēəs ), ancient Roman gens. The family was most distinguished from the 5th cent. B.C. onward. However, little is known of the early members.

Open Fathers of the church
Fathers of the church

The period of the Church Fathers begins with those earliest Christians who were not themselves eyewitnesses to Christ's earthly ministry, yet knew

Open Fenrir (Norse mythology)
Fenrir (Norse mythology)

Wolf; enemy of the gods. Fenrir is also called Fenrisúlf, that is, the wolf of Fenrir, and this usage has never been satisfactorily explained. He has


market and meeting place in ancient Roman towns in Italy and later in the provinces, corresponding to the Greek agora . By extension the word forum

Open Freya (Norse deity)
Freya (Norse deity)

In Norse mythology, goddess of married love and the hearth. She was also the goddess of death, Odin's punishment after her dalliance with four dwarfs

Open Freyr (Norse deity)
Freyr (Norse deity)

Important god, member of the vanir. Frey is the son of Njörd, either by his sister when he lived among the vanir or by Skadi. When Snorri says in

Frigg (Norse deity)

Goddess, wife of Odin and mother of Baldr. In Gylfaginning Snorri cites Frigg as foremost among the goddesses, as would be appropriate for the consort