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Port and resort on the south coast of Cornwall, southwest England, on the estuary of the River Fal, 11 km/7 mi southwest of Truro; population (2001)

Open Faroe Islands
Faroe Islands

The Faroe (or Faeroe) Islands, 61° 24′–62°24′ N and 6°15′–7°41′ W, are a series of small islands oriented in a northwest-southeast direction situated

Fergana Valley

or Ferghana Valley, region, 8,494 sq mi (22,000 sq km), Central Asia, divided among Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan. The Fergana Range (part of


Historic county of Northern Ireland; area 1,680 sq km/648 sq mi. It occupies the southwestern corner of Northern Ireland is characterized by hills in


Former capital of Morocco 808–1062, 1296–1548, and 1662–1912, in the Fès valley north of the Great Atlas Mountains, 160 km/100 mi east of Rabat;

Open Fiji Islands
Fiji Islands

Country comprising 844 islands and islets in the southwest Pacific Ocean, about 100 of which are inhabited. Government Since December 2006, Fiji has


Département of Brittany , northwest France, occupying a peninsula with the English Channel to the north and the Bay of Biscay to the south; area 7,030

Open Finland

Country in Scandinavia, bounded to the north by Norway, east by Russia, south and west by the Baltic Sea, and northwest by Sweden. Government Finland


( flăn'dərz ), former county in the Low Countries, extending along the North Sea and W of the Scheldt (Escaut) River. It is divided among East

Flemish Brabant

Province of Belgium, part of the Dutch-speaking Flemish community and region, bounded by Antwerp to the north, Limbourg and Liège to the east, Walloon