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Faber, Marc (1946 - )

1946 Born in Zurich, Switzerland. 1970 Received PhD in economics from the University of Zurich. 1970 Started work for White Weld & Co. Ltd in New

Open Facebook (Electronic resource)
Facebook (Electronic resource)

In the first decade of the 2000s, social network sites (SNS) emerged as one of the dominant means for accessing information and communication online.


place of production characterized by wage labor, the use of machinery, and the division of labor. The large-scale use of machinery differentiates

Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a U.S. federal law first enacted in 1938 to protect American workers from being forced to work excessive hours

Open Fair trade
Fair trade

The demand that producers from poorer countries should not be denied the legitimate maximum rewards from their sales by the actions of richer

Fama, Eugene (1939 - )

1939 Born in Boston, Massachusetts. 1960 Receives a BA from Tufts University. 1963 Received MBA from University of Chicago, Graduate School of

Family-owned business

Family businesses exist at the intersection between two separate, but connected systems—the business and the family. The intersection between business

Farm Credit Administration

(FCA), an independent agency of the executive branch of the federal government that supervises and regulates the Farm Credit System (FCS) for American

Open Federal Reserve System
Federal Reserve System

central banking system of the United States. Established in 1913, it began to operate in Nov., 1914. Its setup, although somewhat altered since its

Federal Trade Commission

(FTC), independent agency of the U.S. government established in 1915 and charged with keeping American business competition free and fair. The FTC has