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Eakins, Thomas, 1844-1916

( ā'kĭnz ), 1844–1916, American painter, photographer, and sculptor, b. Philadelphia, where he worked most of his life. Eakins is considered the

Open Eastwood, Clint (1930 - )
Eastwood, Clint (1930 - )

(Clinton Eastwood, Jr.), 1930–, American actor and director, b. San Francisco. Eastwood, who began his acting career in 1955, came to public attention

Open Ecotourism

TOURISM IS OFTEN described as the world’s largest industry and, while a small component of the overall industry, ecotourism is believed to be one of


Capital of Alberta , Canada, on the North Saskatchewan River at an altitude of 665 m/2,182 ft; population (2001 est) 666,100. It is the centre of an

Eisler, Hanns (Johannes) (Jul 6, 1898 - Sep 6, 1962)

German composer. He collaborated with the playwright Bertolt Brecht, but their work displeased the Nazis, and both men fled Nazi Germany for the USA.

Open Electronic books
Electronic books

In computing, software with or without specialized hardware that provides the equivalent of a book's worth of information. The term applies to simple

Electronic Music

Music composed completely or partly of electronically generated and/or modified sounds. The term was first used in 1954 to describe music made up of

Open Eleusinian mysteries
Eleusinian mysteries

Ceremonies in honour of the Greek deities Demeter , goddess of corn, and her daughter Persephone , queen of the underworld, celebrated in the

Elgar, Sir Edward (1857 - 1934)

English composer. Although his celebrated oratorio The Dream of Gerontius (1900), based on the written work by the theologian John Henry Newman, was

Elliott, Denholm (1922 - 1992)

English film, stage, and television actor. In his early career he often played stiff-upper-lip Englishmen, and later portrayed somewhat degenerate