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Early, Jubal (Anderson) (1816 - 1894)

1816–94, Confederate general, b. Franklin co., Va., grad. West Point, 1837. After fighting against the Seminole in Florida he resigned from the army

Open East African Community
East African Community

Established: By Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community, which was signed November 30, 1999, in Arusha, Tanzania, and entered into

Eastern Front

Battlefront between Russia and Germany/Austria-Hungary during World War I. In 1914 it was effectively the borders of eastern Prussia/Russia,

Open Easter Rising
Easter Rising

In Irish history, a republican insurrection against the British government that began on Easter Monday, April 1916, in Dublin. The rising was

Open Eastwood, Clint (1930 - )
Eastwood, Clint (1930 - )

(Clinton Eastwood, Jr.), 1930–, American actor and director, b. San Francisco. Eastwood, who began his acting career in 1955, came to public attention

Open Economic inequality
Economic inequality

Inequality is a complex multidimensional phenomenon, depending on many factors and lending itself to a great variety of explanations and evaluations.

Open Economics

The study of how individuals, house holds, and societies choose to use their scarce resources efficiently in order to satisfy their diverse wants. By


The term “economy” in its contemporary sense came into use only quite recently. It is often assumed that the idea of the economy, defined as the

Eden, 1st Earl of Avon Anthony Robert (1897 - 1977)

( ā'vən ), 1897–1977, British statesman. After service in World War I he attended Oxford and entered (1923) Parliament as a Conservative. He soon made

Edgeworth, Richard Lovell (1744 - 1817)

Anglo-Irish writer, educationalist, and inventor. Edgeworth was born in Bath and studied at Trinity College, Dublin, and Corpus Christi College,