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Open Ecofeminism

FEMINIST ENVIRONMENTALISTS ARGUE that the domination of women by men reflects and reinforces the domination of the environment by society, and that

Open Ecological zones
Ecological zones

[Gr.,=girdle], in geography, area with a certain physical and/or cultural unity that distinguishes it from other areas. The division of the earth into

Open Ecology

Ecology is possibly one of the most ancient disciplines. Its evolution has been gradual, and it will continue to evolve with humankind's ability to

Open Ecosystem

In ecology, a unit consisting of living organisms and the environment that they live in. A simple example of an ecosystem is a pond. The pond

Open Ecotourism

TOURISM IS OFTEN described as the world’s largest industry and, while a small component of the overall industry, ecotourism is believed to be one of

Open El Niño
El Niño

Marked warming of the eastern Pacific Ocean that occurs when a warm current of water moves from the western Pacific, temporarily replacing the cold

Open Endangered species
Endangered species

any plant or animal species whose ability to survive and reproduce has been jeopardized by human activities. In 1999 the U.S. government, in

Open Environment

In ecology, the sum of conditions affecting a particular organism, including physical surroundings, climate, and influences of other living organisms.

Open Environmentalism

Emerged out of concerns over pollution, global warming, soil erosion, deforestation, waste disposal, and resource depletion. To the extent that many

Open Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Protection Agency

Agency established to safeguard the environment. Congress officially brought the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) into existence in 1970,