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Earhart, Amelia (1897 - 1937)

A pioneering aviator, Amelia Earhart became a symbol of both women’s growing independence and the rising prominence and importance of the airplane in

Eberhart, Richard, 1904-2005

( ĕb'ərhärt´´ ), 1904–2005, American poet, b. Austin, Minn., grad. Dartmouth (1926) and Cambridge (1929, 1933). He taught at various universities

Eckhart, Johannes (c. 1260-c. 1327)

German theologian and philosopher, regarded as the first of the great speculative mystics and the founder of mysticism in Germany. Johannes Eckhart,

Eco, Umberto (1932 - 2016)

Umberto Eco, semiotician and novelist, was born in Alessandria, Italy in 1932. Eco graduated from the University of Turin with a thesis on Thomas

Open Eddy, Mary Baker (1821 - 1910)
Eddy, Mary Baker (1821 - 1910)

Mary Baker Eddy was an American religious leader and author of the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures . Known to her followers as the

Edgar, David (1948 - )

1948- ♦ English dramatist Born in Birmingham, he studied drama at Manchester University, and was a journalist in Bradford before deciding to write for

Edgeworth, Maria (1767 - 1849)

Irish novelist. Her first novel, Castle Rackrent (1800), dealt with Anglo-Irish country society and was the first regional novel in English. Other

Open Education, bilingual
Education, bilingual

Bilingual education is commonly defined as instruction provided in two languages. However, this simple definition is misleading since the concept of

Egyptian language

extinct language of ancient Egypt, a member of the Afroasiatic family of languages (see Afroasiatic languages ). The development of ancient Egyptian

Open Electronic books
Electronic books

In computing, software with or without specialized hardware that provides the equivalent of a book's worth of information. The term applies to simple