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Open East African Community
East African Community

(EAC), organization of E African nations established to promote regional economic and political cooperation. Its headquarters are in Arusha, Tanzania.

East India Company

The East India Company was the most successful joint-stock company formed in the Elizabethan period. The Governor and Company of Merchants Trading


E-commerce is the buying and selling of products through electronic services, especially over the Internet. Originally, “electronic commerce” was used

Open Econometrics

technique of economic analysis that expresses economic theory in terms of mathematical relationships and then tests it empirically through statistical

Economic growth

Economic growth is most commonly defined as the rate of increase in the value of a country’s output over a period of time. It is often presumed that

Open Economic inequality
Economic inequality

Inequality is a complex multidimensional phenomenon, depending on many factors and lending itself to a great variety of explanations and evaluations.

economic planning

control and direction of economic activity by a central public authority. In its modern usage, economic planning tends to be pitted against the

Open Economics

The study of how individuals, house holds, and societies choose to use their scarce resources efficiently in order to satisfy their diverse wants. By

Open Economics & Business
Economics & Business

The modern field of study concerned with production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services . For centuries, political economists were


The term “economy” in its contemporary sense came into use only quite recently. It is often assumed that the idea of the economy, defined as the