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Open Eagle

Any of many large, heavy-beaked, big-footed birds of prey belonging to the family Accipitridae, found worldwide. Eagles are generally larger and more

Eakins, Thomas, 1844-1916

( ā'kĭnz ), 1844–1916, American painter, photographer, and sculptor, b. Philadelphia, where he worked most of his life. Eakins is considered the

Open Ear

organ of hearing and equilibrium. The human ear consists of outer, middle, and inner parts. The outer ear is the visible portion; it includes the

Earhart, Amelia (1897 - 1937)

A pioneering aviator, Amelia Earhart became a symbol of both women’s growing independence and the rising prominence and importance of the airplane in

Early, Jubal (Anderson) (1816 - 1894)

1816–94, Confederate general, b. Franklin co., Va., grad. West Point, 1837. After fighting against the Seminole in Florida he resigned from the army

Open Earth (Planet)
Earth (Planet)

in geology and astronomy, 3rd planet of the solar system and the 5th largest, the only planet definitely known to support life. Gravitational forces

Open Earthquake

AN EARTHQUAKE IS usually caused by the rupture of a geologic fault, or the seam between two large blocks of land that suddenly move in different


terrestrial, cylindrical segmented worm of the class Oligochaeta. There are 2,200 earthworm species, found all over the world except in arid and

Open East African Community
East African Community

Established: By Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community, which was signed November 30, 1999, in Arusha, Tanzania, and entered into

Open Easter

Easter is the principal feast of the Christian year, despite the popularity and commercialization that surrounds CHRISTMAS According to the Gospel of