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Open Dairy farming
Dairy farming

Throughout the world, especially in the Northern Hemisphere, milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, and other dairy products, have been central elements of


any one of several chemical compounds that, when applied to plants, can alter their metabolism, causing the leaves to drop off. In agriculture

Open Deforestation

Forests are generally defined by the amount of tree canopy cover; deforestation is removal of tree cover. Deforestation is the practice of removing


An annual plant, native to southern Russia, western Asia, and the eastern Mediterranean, dill is widely grown for its feathery leaves (often called

Open drought

abnormally long period of insufficient rainfall. Drought cannot be defined in terms of inches of rainfall or number of days without rain, since it is

Open Dust Bowl
Dust Bowl

The Dust Bowl, or the term the “dirty thirties,” was used to describe the environmental catastrophe that struck a wide swath of landscape in the