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Cecil B. De Mille

(Cecil Blount De Mille), 1881–1959, American movie director and producer, b. Ashfield, Mass. In 1914, together with Samuel Goldwyn , he made the first


Autonomous republic in the southwestern Russian Federation, in northern Caucasia; area 50,300 sq km/19,421 sq mi; population (2002) 2,576,500; (2006

Open Dallas, George Mifflin, 1792-1864
Dallas, George Mifflin, 1792-1864

1792–1864, American statesman, vice president of the United States (1845–49), b. Philadelphia; son of Alexander James Dallas . He read law, was

Open Daly, Mary, 1928-2010
Daly, Mary, 1928-2010

Born into an Irish-Catholic family in Schenectady, New York, Daly received her elementary, secondary, and undergraduate education at Catholic schools.

Open Dance

Dance is movement of the body that is rhythmically and culturally patterned. Depending on the genre and intention, people dance in groups, pairs, or

D'Annunzio, Gabriele (1863 - 1938)

( gäbrēĕ'lā dän-nōn'tsyō ) 1863–1938, Italian poet, novelist, dramatist, and soldier, b. Pescara. He went to Rome in 1881 and there began his literary

Danton, Georges (1759 - 1794)

( zhōrzh zhäk däNtôN' ), 1759–94, French statesman, one of the leading figures of the French Revolution . A Parisian lawyer, he became a leader of the

Darius I

(Darius the Great) dӘrī'Әs , d. 486 B.C., king of ancient Persia (521–486 B.C.), called also Dariavaush and Darius Hystaspis (after his father,

Darnley, Lord Darnley Henry Stewart or Stuart (1545 - 1567)

Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, was the son of Matthew Stuart, Earl of Lennox, and Margaret Douglas , daughter of Margaret Tudor . As a grandnephew of

Darrow, Clarence (1857 - 1938)

1857–1938, American lawyer, b. Kinsman, Ohio. He first practiced law in Ashtabula, Ohio. In 1887 he moved to Chicago, where he was corporation counsel