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Open Deception

Most recently, deception has been defined as a fundamental element of human communication that can most accurately be conceptualized as an attempt at

Decision making

Decision making refers to the act of evaluating (i.e., forming opinions of) several alternatives and choosing the one most likely to achieve one or

Open Delusions

There is no widely accepted definition of delusion. Delusions are often described in textbooks as being defined since Karl Jaspers as false,

Open Dementia

An acquired and irreversible deterioration in intellectual function. Around 10 per cent of people aged over 65 and 20 per cent of those aged 75 or

Open Depression

Depression is a word that is regularly misused. Most people experience days or weeks when they feel low and fed up (feelings that may recur), but

Open Deviant behavior
Deviant behavior

Core definition Behaviours that do not conform to societal expectations. Longer explanation Deviant behaviours are behaviours that ‘deviate’ from

Dewey, John (1859 - 1952)

John Dewey was a highly influential twentieth-century American philosopher and perhaps the nation’s foremost educational theorist. Along with Charles

Dilthey, Wilhelm (1833 - 1911)

Born in the village of Biebrich am Rhein, Dilthey was the son of a liberal-minded, Calvinist clergyman and court preacher to the Duke of Nassau. His

Open Disability

Conventionally understood as the state of being physically and/or mentally different from some assumed ‘norm’ of human corporeal and/or psychological

Disengagement theory

Disengagement theory states that it is beneficial to both society and the individual to participate in a process of withdrawal from meaningful roles