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Open Dairy farming
Dairy farming

Throughout the world, especially in the Northern Hemisphere, milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, and other dairy products, have been central elements of


business of producing, processing, and distributing milk and milk products. Ninety percent of the world's milk is obtained from cows; the remainder

Data mining

Modern researchers in various fields are confronted by an unprecedented wealth and complexity of data. However, the results available to these

daylight-saving time

(DST), time observed when clocks and other timepieces are set ahead so that the sun will rise and set later in the day as measured by civil time . The

Debreu, Gerard

French-born US economist. He developed mathematical economic models with US economist Kenneth Arrow , and in 1954 they published an epoch-making paper

Open Debt

Something that is owed by a person, organization, or country, usually money, goods, or services. Debt usually occurs as a result of borrowing credit .

Debtors' Prisons

Detention centers for those who could not (or would not) repay their monetary debts. Originally employed on a wide scale during the Middle Ages in

Open Debt, Public
Debt, Public

Debt incurred by the central government of a country to its own people and institutions and also to overseas creditors. A government can borrow from

Defoe, Daniel (1660 - 1731)

( dĭfō' ), 1660?–1731, English writer, b. London. The son of a London butcher, and educated at a Dissenters' academy, he was typical of the new kind

Delors, Jacques (1925 - )

French socialist politician, economy and finance minister 1981–84 under François Mitterrand 's presidency, and president of the European Commission,