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Open Cable television
Cable television

the transmission of televised images to viewers by means of coaxial cables. Cable systems receive the television signal, which is sent out over cables

Cadences (Music)

In music, two chords that are specially chosen and arranged to give a logical end to a musical phrase or section. Music, like language, has a form of

Cadmus, Paul, 1904-1999

1904–99, American painter, b. N.Y.C.; studied National Academy of Design (1919–26), Art Students' League (1928). From 1933–35 he and painter Jared

Cage, John, 1912-1992

1912–92, American composer, b. Los Angeles. A leading figure in the musical avant-garde from the late 1930s, he attended Pomona College and later

Caillebotte, Gustave, 1848-1894

1848-94 French painter and art collector Born in Paris, a naval architect by profession, he began to paint from 1872. He enrolled at the École des

Open Caine, Michael
Caine, Michael

English screen actor. He is a prolific and versatile performer with an enduring Cockney streak. His first major success was in Alfie (1966). He has

Open Calder, Alexander, 1898-1976
Calder, Alexander, 1898-1976

Alexander Calder is a sculptor who pioneered the use of steel wire and sheets of cut metal in various combinations for radical new compositional,

Open Calligraphy

( kӘlĭg'rӘfē ) [Gr.,=beautiful writing], skilled penmanship practiced as a fine art. See also inscription ; paleography . In Europe two sorts of

Open Callot, Jacques, 1592-1635
Callot, Jacques, 1592-1635

French engraver and painter. He was influenced by Mannerism . His series of etchings Great Miseries of War (1633), prompted by his own experience of

Open Calloway, Cab, 1907-1994
Calloway, Cab, 1907-1994

US band leader, singer, and actor. An exuberant performer, he became a star as leader of the house band at the Cotton Club in New York in 1931. He was