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Open Cancer (Astrology)
Cancer (Astrology)

[Lat.,=the crab], in astronomy, constellation lying on the ecliptic (the sun's apparent path through the heavens) between Gemini and Leo; it is a


Cannibalism, also called anthropophagy, is the human act of eating parts of the human body, including, but not limited to, flesh, muscles, and blood.

Open Centaurs

In Greek mythology, a creature half human and half horse, wild and lawless. Chiron , the mentor of the hero Heracles and tutor of the god of medicine

Open Cerberus (Greek mythology)
Cerberus (Greek mythology)

The monstrous, multi-headed dog who guarded the entrance to the Underworld, ensuring that those who entered never left. “With his tail and ears he

Open Cherry Blossom Festival
Cherry Blossom Festival

Type of Holiday: Calendar/Seasonal Date of Observation: March-April Where Celebrated: Japan Symbols and Customs: Cherry Blossom, Cherry Dance ORIGINS

Open Christmas

The most popular of the Christian festivals, also known as the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord , Christmas (from “Christ's Mass”) celebrates the

Open Chupacabras

When it first emerged from the shadows in Puerto Rico in the summer of 1995, the chupacabra (“goat sucker”), with its penchant for seizing goats and

Open Circe (Greek mythology)
Circe (Greek mythology)

Circe is best known from Homer's Odyssey , in which she plays a leading role in one of Odysseus's most important adventures. She is immortal and

Open Clytemnestra (Greek mythology)
Clytemnestra (Greek mythology)

Clytemnestra is one of the most vilified characters in Greek mythology because of her adultery and murderous deeds. She took a lover while her

Cronus (Greek deity)

The youngest and wiliest of the TITANS , son of Uranus (Heaven) and GAIA (Earth), according to Hesiod's account of creation in his Theogony . Uranus,