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Background – industry today There are three types of industry: primary industry – this involves jobs that are to do with harvesting raw materials such

Open Casting

Process of producing solid objects by pouring molten material into a shaped mould and allowing it to cool. Casting is used to shape such materials as


Mounted unit of troops, specifically trained in the techniques of mounted warfare and deployed for their greater speed and manoeuvrability than

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College & Careers

High school students face a variety of significant developmental tasks, and one of the most important is preparing for and choosing a vocation. Career


In geometry, an addition to a figure, which is drawn to help solve a problem or produce a proof. The term is also applied to the accurate drawing of


Heat treatment of food to make it more palatable, digestible, and safe. It breaks down connective tissue in meat, making it tender, and softens the


US cattle herder working on horseback; one of the great figures of American history and part of the folklore of the rugged adventurous West portrayed