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Open Caesar, Julius
Caesar, Julius

100 or 102-44 BC Roman general, statesman and dictator Caesar was a member of the Julii, an ancient patrician family. His aunt was the wife of Marius

Open Calais

Port in Pas-de-Calais département , in northern France, 238 km/148 mi north of Paris; population (2005 est) 74,200. Situated on the Strait of Dover,

Open Caldecott Medal
Caldecott Medal

The Caldecott Medal is a US award for the most distinguished picture book for children. Named after English illustrator Randolph Caldecott, it is


[Lat., from Kalends], system of reckoning time for the practical purpose of recording past events and calculating dates for future plans. The calendar

Open Calhoun, John C. (John Caldwell), 1782-1850
Calhoun, John C. (John Caldwell), 1782-1850

( kăl´´hōn' ), 1782–1850, American statesman and political philosopher, b. near Abbeville, S.C., grad. Yale, 1804. He was an intellectual giant of

Open California gold rush
California gold rush

In US history, the influx of prospectors to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, following the discovery of gold in the American River by US

Call to arms

At the outbreak of World War I the British Expeditionary Force was dispatched to France to support the French army against German invasion. Lord

Open Calvinism

“Calvinism” is a popular term that has been coined to describe the Reformed theological tradition. The name of 16th century French theologian John

Cambrian period

[Lat. Cambria =Wales], first period of the Paleozoic geologic era (see Geologic Timescale , table) extending from approximately 570 to 505 million


Colours or structures that allow an animal to blend with its surroundings to avoid detection by other animals. Camouflage can take the form of