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Open  Bacon, Francis, 1909-1992
Bacon, Francis, 1909-1992

1910–92, English painter, b. Dublin. A self-taught artist, Bacon rejected abstraction in painting to explore a repertoire of strange, fractured, and

Open Baldung, Hans, -1545
Baldung, Hans, -1545

German Renaissance painter, engraver, and designer. A prolific and accomplished artist, he designed tapestries and stained glass, produced many


English graffiti artist, painter, and film director. His work is political and satirical, sprayed in public places all over the world as well as

Open Bartolomeo, fra, 1472-1517
Bartolomeo, fra, 1472-1517

Italian religious painter of the High Renaissance, active in Florence. He introduced Venetian artists to the Florentine High Renaissance style during

Open Basquiat, Jean-Michel, 1960-1988
Basquiat, Jean-Michel, 1960-1988

( bäs´´kē-ät' ), 1960–88, American painter, b. Brooklyn, N.Y. Born into a middle-class Haitian and Puerto Rican family, he was a 1980s art star whose

Open Bauhaus

The Bauhaus in Germany (1919-1933) was one of the most influential art and design schools of the twentieth century. Founded just after the end of

Bayeux tapestry

This so-called tapestry is in fact an embroidery that chronicles the Norman Conquest of England by William the Conqueror ( William I ) in 1066. It is

Bearden, Romare, 1911-1988

US painter, printmaker, and collage artist. A leading African-American artist and Social Realist , Bearden is considered to be one of the most

Beardsley, Aubrey, 1872-1898

( ô'brē, bĭrdz'lē ), 1872–98, English illustrator and writer, b. Brighton. Beardsley exemplifies the aesthetic movement in English art of the 1890s

Beckmann, Max, 1884-1950

One of the most important painters of the twentieth century, who fled Nazi Germany and after World War II emigrated to the United States. His