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Balder (Norse deity)

In Norse mythology, the best, wisest, and most loved of all the gods; son of Odin and Frigga; husband of Nanna. He was one of the Aesir (principal


The banshee is the Irish supernatural deathmessenger par excellence. Regarded as a family messenger of death, this female spirit is said to cry when a

Open Bast (Egyptian deity)
Bast (Egyptian deity)

Bastet was an ancient Egyptian goddess, whose cult probably first appeared in the city of Bubastis ( see Bubastis/Tell Basta ); her name in

Open Bellerophon (Greek mythology)
Bellerophon (Greek mythology)

Nothing certain can be said about the origin and original significance of the character of Bellerophontês (thus the Homeric form, otherwise also

Open Bermuda Islands
Bermuda Islands

( bûrmyō'dӘ ), British dependency (2005 est. pop. 65,400), 21 sq mi (53 sq km), comprising some 150 coral rocks, islets, and islands (of which some 20

Bermuda Triangle

An area in the Atlantic where ships and aircraft are alleged to have disappeared. In the 20th century a belief arose that the roughly triangular area

Open Bes (Egyptian deity)
Bes (Egyptian deity)

Bes is an ancient Egyptian apotropaic god, who protects children, women in childbirth, and sleeping people. He also has a mythological role as

Bhagavad Gita

( bŭg'ӘvӘd-gē'tӘ ) [Skt.,=song of the Lord], Sanskrit poem incorporated into the Mahabharata , one of the greatest religious classics of Hinduism. The

Open Black dog (ghost)
Black dog (ghost)

Large black spectral dogs said to haunt places such as crossroads and churchyards; legends of black dogs are common all over the British Isles, with

Open Blavatsky, H. P. (Helena Petrovna), 1831-1891
Blavatsky, H. P. (Helena Petrovna), 1831-1891

( blӘtvăt'skē ), 1831–91, Russian theosophist and occultist. She was the daughter of a German named Hahn who had settled in Russia and who was