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Open Baptisteries

The importance of Baptism as a rite of passage for entrants to the Christian church is such that architectural provision has been made for it since at

Open Bauhaus

The Bauhaus in Germany (1919-1933) was one of the most influential art and design schools of the twentieth century. Founded just after the end of

Open Behrens, Peter, 1868-1940
Behrens, Peter, 1868-1940

Distinguished German architect and designer. Born in Hamburg, he trained as a painter at the Karlsruhe School of Art (1886–89) and under Ferdinand

Bernini, Gian Lorenzo, 1598-1680

Italian architect, sculptor, and painter, the leading figure in the Italian Baroque period. His major religious work was the triumphal gilt bronze

Biosphere 2 (Project)

Ecological test project, a ‘planet in a bottle’, in Arizona, USA. Under a sealed glass and metal dome, different habitats are recreated, with

Open Borromini, Francesco, 1599-1667
Borromini, Francesco, 1599-1667

Swiss-born Italian baroque architect. He was one of the two most important architects (with Bernini , his main rival) in 17th-century Rome. Whereas

Bouchardon, Edme, 1698-1762

Born at Chaumont, the son of a provincial sculptor, Edmé Bouchardon was a pupil first of his father and later, in Paris, of Guillaume I Coustou. In

Open Bramante, Donato, 1444?-1514
Bramante, Donato, 1444?-1514

( dōnä'tō brämän'tā ), 1444–1514, Italian Renaissance architect and painter, b. near Urbino. His buildings in Rome are considered the most

Open Brick

ceramic structural material that, in modern times, is made by pressing clay into blocks and firing them to the requisite hardness in a kiln. Bricks in

Open Bridge

Structure that provides a continuous path or road over water, valleys, ravines, or above other roads. The basic designs and combinations of these are