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Open Baby boom generation
Baby boom generation

The baby boom that began during World War II and continued for two decades was one of the most remarkable demographic phenomena of the twentieth

Open Bar mitzvah
Bar mitzvah

In Judaism, initiation of a boy, which takes place at the age of 13, into the adult Jewish community; less common is the bat mitzvah for girls, an

Barnard, Henry, 1811-1900

1811–1900, American educator, b. Hartford, Conn., grad. Yale, 1830. He studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1835. As a member (1837–39) of the

Open Beauty

While there has been very little agreement about the nature of beauty, or even about its very existence, beauty is often considered to be an aesthetic

Open Bilingualism

The term bilingual means two languages that are spoken by an individual or a group or taught within a school. One of the myths of bilingualism is that

Biological warfare

employment in war of microorganisms to injure or destroy people, animals, or crops; also called germ or bacteriological warfare. Limited attempts have

Open Birth control
Birth control

Birth control encompasses a variety of methods designed to prevent pregnancy. Historical records dating back to 1550 b.c.e detail attempts to control

Open Birth of a Nation (1915)
Birth of a Nation (1915)

The Birth of a Nation , a film by director D. W. [David Wark] Griffith, represented a watershed for both the entertainment industry and race relations

Open Black Death
Black Death

The story began somewhere between China and the Crimean Peninsula. Lonely gravestones at Issyk Kul appear to testify to plague's passage in the 1330s.

Black Hawk War, 1832

conflict between the Sac and Fox and the United States in 1832. After the War of 1812, whites settling the Illinois country exerted pressure on the