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Open Baer, Karl Ernst von, 1792-1876
Baer, Karl Ernst von, 1792-1876

Karl Ernst Ritter von Baer was the modern founder of embryology and comparative embryology, as well as an accomplished zoologist and biologist. No

Open Basalt

( bӘsôlt', băs'ôlt ), fine-grained rock of volcanic origin, dark gray, dark green, brown, reddish, or black in color. Basalt is an igneous rock, i.e.,

Open Blood Diamond
Blood Diamond

Valued both as gemstones and for their industrial uses, including as drill bits, diamonds have long been mined and traded in Africa. When they are

Open Bloodstone

Bloodstone, also known as heliotrope , is an opaque green variety of chalcedony. The name was chosen because of the stone's many red spots (caused by

Open Breccia

BRECCIAS ARE LITHIFIED SEDIMENTS with the same size clasts as conglomerates, but in breccias the clasts are angular or only slightly rounded. The


Scottish Iron Age stone tower. These circular structures often stand within an enclosure which contained round or oval huts and probably acted as