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Open Big bang theory
Big bang theory

Today, it has become widely accepted that our universe originated with the so-called big bang. This event marks the beginning of time and the further

Open Black holes (Astronomy)
Black holes (Astronomy)

in astronomy, celestial object of such extremely intense gravity that it attracts everything near it and in some instances prevents everything,

Boksenberg, Alec

English astronomer and physicist who devised a light-detecting system that can be attached to telescopes, vastly improving their optical powers. His

Bradley, James, 1693?-1762

English astronomer. In 1728 he discovered the aberration of starlight . From the amount of aberration in star positions, he was able to calculate the

Open Brahe, Tycho, 1546-1601
Brahe, Tycho, 1546-1601

Place: Denmark Subject : biography, astronomy Danish astronomer, sometimes known by his first name only, who is most noted for his remarkably accurate

Open Brown Dwarf
Brown Dwarf

in astronomy, celestial body that is larger than a planet but does not have sufficient mass to convert hydrogen into helium via nuclear fusion as

Open Bruno, Giordano, 1548-1600
Bruno, Giordano, 1548-1600

( jōrdä'nō brō'nō ), 1548–1600, Italian philosopher, b. Nola. The son of a professional soldier, he entered the Dominican order early in his youth and