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Bain, Alexander, 1818-1903

1818–1903, Scottish philosopher and psychologist. He was educated at Marischal College, Aberdeen, where he later taught for three years. He taught one

Baldwin, James Mark, 1861-1934

Born : 1861, Columbia, South Carolina, USA Died : 1934, Paris, France Nat : American Ints : Developmental psychology, educational psychology, history,

Bandura, Albert, 1925-

Albert Bandura (1925–), a pioneering theorist of social cognitive therapeutic interventions leading to development of personal agency, is cited widely

Open Beauty

While there has been very little agreement about the nature of beauty, or even about its very existence, beauty is often considered to be an aesthetic

Binet, Alfred, 1857-1911

Alfred Binet was a French psychologist who studied and researched a wide variety of topics dealing with the mental capacity of humans. His work has

Open Binge eating disorder
Binge eating disorder

Binge Eating Disorder (BED) has been described as having recurrent overeating episodes without engaging in a compensatory method of purging (e.g.,

Open Body image
Body image

The human body is understood as both a physiological creation and a social construct. Individuals experience their bodies through a web of

Open Body Language
Body Language

Body language is a type of nonverbal communication. It includes such things as facial expressions, eye movement, gestures, body posture, and body

Open Brain

In higher animals, a mass of interconnected nerve cells forming the anterior part of the central nervous system , whose activities it coordinates and


Brainwashing is a term that was adopted by the press to describe the indoctrination of U.S. prisoners of war (POWs) during the Korean War. Social