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Bain, Alexander, 1818-1903

1818–1903, Scottish philosopher and psychologist. He was educated at Marischal College, Aberdeen, where he later taught for three years. He taught one

Open Baltic languages
Baltic languages

a subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages. The Indo-European subfamily to which the Baltic languages appear to be closest is the Slavic.

Open Bantu languages
Bantu languages

group of African languages forming a subdivision of the Benue-Niger division of the Niger-Congo branch of the Niger-Kordofanian language family (see

Barthes, Roland

Roland Barthes was born in Cherbourg, northern France, but after his father's death in the First World War, his mother relocated to Bayonne. In 1924,

Open Bateson, Gregory, 1904-1980
Bateson, Gregory, 1904-1980

Gregory Bateson (1904-1980) was a multifaceted scholar who embraced fields as diverse as anthropology, linguistics, semiotics, systems theory, and

Open Belarusian language
Belarusian language

7,500,000 SPEAKERS Belarus Belorussian is one of the three Eastern SLAVONIC LANGUAGES , and has generally been overshadowed by its neighbours (for map

Open Bengali language
Bengali language

180,000,000 SPEAKERS Bangladesh, India Bengali, the best known of the Eastern INDO-ARYAN LANGUAGES, is the national language of Bangladesh (formerly

Open Bilingualism

The term bilingual means two languages that are spoken by an individual or a group or taught within a school. One of the myths of bilingualism is that

Open Bloomfield, Leonard, 1887-1949
Bloomfield, Leonard, 1887-1949

Leonard Bloomfield (1887-1949) was an American pioneer of structural linguistics. Bloomfield came from a high-achieving intellectual family of

Bulgarian language

member of the South Slavic group of the Slavonic subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages (see Slavic languages ). Bulgarian is the native