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( bä'bĭzӘm ), system of doctrines proclaimed in Persia in 1844 by Ali Muhammad of Shiraz. Influenced by the Shaykhi Shiite theology that viewed the

Open Baha'i

Religion founded in the 19th century from a Muslim splinter group, Babism , by the Persian Baha'u'llah . His message in essence was that all great

Balder (Norse deity)

In Norse mythology, the best, wisest, and most loved of all the gods; son of Odin and Frigga; husband of Nanna. He was one of the Aesir (principal


The banshee is the Irish supernatural deathmessenger par excellence. Regarded as a family messenger of death, this female spirit is said to cry when a

Open Baptism

Immersion in or sprinkling with water as a religious rite of initiation. It was practised long before the beginning of Christianity. In Christian

Open Baptisteries

The importance of Baptism as a rite of passage for entrants to the Christian church is such that architectural provision has been made for it since at

Open Baptists

denomination of Protestant Christians holding a distinctive belief with regard to the ordinance of baptism . Since 1644 the name has been applied to

Open Bar mitzvah
Bar mitzvah

In Judaism, initiation of a boy, which takes place at the age of 13, into the adult Jewish community; less common is the bat mitzvah for girls, an

Barth, Karl, 1886-1968

Karl Barth (1886–1968) was born and died in Basel, Switzerland. His father and both grandfathers were pastors. Barth studied in Berlin with A. von

Open Bast (Egyptian deity)
Bast (Egyptian deity)

Bastet was an ancient Egyptian goddess, whose cult probably first appeared in the city of Bubastis ( see Bubastis/Tell Basta ); her name in