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Open Babbage, Charles, 1791-1871
Babbage, Charles, 1791-1871

Place: United Kingdom, England Subject : biography, computing, maths and statistics English mathematician, one of the greatest pioneers of mechanical


( bä'bĭzӘm ), system of doctrines proclaimed in Persia in 1844 by Ali Muhammad of Shiraz. Influenced by the Shaykhi Shiite theology that viewed the

Open Baboons

any of the large, powerful, ground-living monkeys of the genus Papio, also called dog-faced monkeys. Five subspecies live in Africa, with one species

Open Baby boom generation
Baby boom generation

The baby boom that began during World War II and continued for two decades was one of the most remarkable demographic phenomena of the twentieth

Open Babylonia

( băbĭlō'nēӘ ), ancient empire of Mesopotamia. The name is sometimes given to the whole civilization of S Mesopotamia, including the states

Open Bacall, Lauren, 1924-2014
Bacall, Lauren, 1924-2014

originally Betty Joan Perske 1924- ♦ US film actress Born in New York City, she became a student at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and made her

Bacharach, Burt

( băk'Әrăk´´ ), 1928–, American composer, arranger, and conductor, b. Kansas City, Mo. He began his career playing piano with jazz bands in the 1940s

Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel, 1714-1788

German composer. He was the third son of Johann Sebastian Bach. He introduced a new ‘homophonic’ style, light and easy to follow, which influenced

Bachelard, Gaston, 1884-1962

( gästôN' bäshlär' ), 1884–1962, French philosopher. He held degrees in physics, mathematics, and philosophy and taught at Dijon (1930–40) and the

Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750

German composer. A master of counterpoint , his music represents the final stage of the baroque polyphonic style. His orchestral music includes the