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Academic dishonesty

Broadly stated, academic dishonesty involves the use by individuals in academia of unethical means such as fraud or plagiarism to achieve success in

Open Academic freedom
Academic freedom

right of scholars to pursue research, to teach, and to publish without control or restraint from the institutions that employ them. It is a civil

Active learning

Active learning is an educational approach in which teachers ask students to apply classroom content during instructional activities and to reflect on

Adler, Mortimer Jerome, 1902-2001

Mortimer Adler, professor, philosopher, and educational theorist, was born in New York City in 1902. He left school at age 14 to write for newspapers

Open Adult education
Adult education

The body of knowledge that comprises what is known about how adults learn. In the 1970s, those involved in the education of adults sought to separate

Open Affirmative action programs
Affirmative action programs

The term affirmative action describes programs that give special consideration or preference to members of previously disadvantaged groups, most

Open Agricola, Georg, 1494-1555
Agricola, Georg, 1494-1555

Place : Germany Subject : biography, earth science German mineralogist who pioneered mining technology. Born in Glauchau in Saxony, Agricola trained


originally, a calendar with notations of astronomical and other data. Almanacs have been known in simple form almost since the invention of writing,

Open Amateur

in sports, one who engages in athletic competition without material recompense. Upper-class Englishmen in the 19th cent. used the concept to help

Open American Library Association
American Library Association

founded 1876, organization whose purpose is to increase the usefulness of books through the improvement and extension of library services. As the