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Abbott, Diane

UK left-of-centre Labour Party politician, member of Parliament from 1987 for Hackney North and Stoke Newington. The first black woman to be elected

Open Abbott, Edith, 1876-1957
Abbott, Edith, 1876-1957

Edith Abbott (1876-1957) was born in Grand Island, Nebraska. She was one of the first women in America to earn a doctoral degree. In 1924, she became


(in a political sense, renunciation of high public office, usually by a monarch. Some abdications have been purely voluntary and resulted in no loss


In English law, the taking away by force, fraud, or persuasion of a woman or a child against her own will, or against the will of her parents or

Open Abolition movement
Abolition movement

A movement culminating in the late 18th and early 19th centuries that aimed first to end the slave trade , and then to abolish the institution of

Open Aboriginal Australians
Aboriginal Australians

Member of any of the 500 groups of indigenous inhabitants of the continent of Australia, who migrated to this region from South Asia about 40,000

Open Abortion

Worldwide, some 46 million women have abortions every year. Of these abortions, only slightly more than half are legal, that is, take place under


A system of rule in which there are no legal or authoritative limits on the reach of the ruler. The ruler may be an individual or the holder of an

Open Academic freedom
Academic freedom

right of scholars to pursue research, to teach, and to publish without control or restraint from the institutions that employ them. It is a civil

Achaean League

( Әkē'Әn ), confederation of cities on the Gulf of Corinth. The First Achaean League, about which little is known, was formed presumably before the