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Encapsulating the current state of scholarly interpretation within the field of Men’s Studies, this encyclopedia is designed to help students and scholars advance their studies, develop new questions for research, and stimulate new ways of exploring the history of American life.
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Although opposition to the institution of slavery in North America dates back into the eighteenth century, the 1831 publication of William Lloyd...


Throughout American history, parents, journalists, educators, politicians, and young people have debated the meaning of the transitional period...

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

In his novel Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884), Mark Twain used nineteenth-century conventions of American writing about boyhood, but he...


Advertising typically associates products with lifestyle choices and seeks to influence individual and social-group behavior through appeals to...

Advice Literature

Commercially printed advice literature began appearing in America in the eighteenth century, with the intent being to instruct boys (and men) on...

African-American Manhood

Constructions of, and challenges to, black manhood have been central to American and African-American history. African-American men have...


Agrarianism, a complex set of ideas that celebrates the moral, spiritual, and political superiority of men who cultivate the soil, was a central...


Throughout American history, alcohol consumption has been an important element in defining male identity and establishing standards of male...

Alger, Horatio, Jr.

1832-1899 Author The author of over one hundred novels, Horatio Alger, Jr., has come to be associated with a rags-to-riches narrative...

American Dream

The phrase “American Dream” refers to a set of promises and ambitions closely identified with national identity, particularly economic...

American Masculinities: A Historical Encyclopedia

Book Cover American Masculinities: A Historical Encyclopedia is a first-of-its-kind reference, detailing developments in the...

American Revolution

The American Revolution (1775-83) was a crucial moment in the history of American masculinity. It not only severed the political relationship...

Antiwar Movement

Although every American war has had opponents within the country, the opposition has not usually implied a critique of the dominant definition...


During the colonial period and the early nineteenth century, many young men indentured themselves as apprentices to master craftsmen for a...


American art, although a substantially younger tradition than its international counterparts, represents humankind's desire to represent...


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