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Covers the role and influence of African-American cultural leaders, from all walks of life, from the 17th century to the present.
Editor(s): Shari Dorantes Hatch
Edition: 2nd
Articles: 1,110
Images: 94
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Appendix A: Chronology of
Appendix A: Chronology of Writers
Appendix B: Chronology of Firsts
Appendix C: Timeline
Appendix D: Writers by Genre
Appendix E: Writers By Occupation
Appendix F: References
Appendix G: Key to References
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Abbott, Robert S. (Sengstacke)

11/24/1868-2/29/1940 Editorials; newspaper publisher and editor On May 6, 1905, Abbott founded the Chicago Defender , a four-page weekly...


Child, Lydia Maria Cornish, Samuel E. Equiano, Olaudah Garnet, Henry Highland Langston, John Mercer Northup, Solomon ...

Abolition Literature

See Antislavery Periodicals ...

Absalom Jones and Richard Allen Preamble of the Free African Society, 12 April 1787

“Philadelphia” “(12th, 4th mo., 1787) —Whereas, Absalom Jones and Richard Allen, two men of the African race, who, for their religious life...

Abu-Jamal, Mumia (né Wesley Cook)

4/24/1954- Essays; talk-show host Because of his political activism (in association with the Black Panther Party) and his outspoken views,...


First and foremost, I thank my husband, Bernie. Second, I thank Laura Mars-Proietti, the Editorial Director at Grey House, editorial assistant...


Bass, Charlotta Amanda Bell, James Madison Brown, Elaine Brown, Frank London Carmichael, Stokely Chisholm, Shirley ...


Amini, Johari Angelou, Maya Carroll, Vinnette Cassells, Cyrus Childress, Alice Cosby, Jr., Bill Davis, Ossie Dee,...


Cobb, Jewell Ladner, Joyce A. Langston, John Mercer Malveaux, Julianne Mays, Benjamin Elijah Ross-Barnett, Marguerite ...

Advertising Copywriter

Demby, William Hunter, Kristin ...

Affrilachian Poets

1991- Mutual-support organization for creative writers from the Appalachian region In the fall of 1991, the Carnegie Center for Literacy...

African-American Book Publishing Authority, The

See Journals and Magazines, Literary , Black Issues Book Review ...

African American Literature Book Club

See BlackBoard African-American Bestsellers ...

African American Review (also Negro American Literature Forum, Black American Literature Forum)

1967- This pioneering journal was one of the first to highlight African-American literary issues, and throughout its history, it has been on...

African-American Vernacular English (AAVE; aka Black English; aka Negro dialect; aka Ebonics)

1619-present Richly expressive variant of English, often used by poets and fiction writers, in addition to its spoken usage For the first...


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