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Provides an interdisciplinary and international overview to the increasingly important field of queer studies.
Editor(s): Noreen Giffney , Michael O'Rourke
Edition: 1st
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Firstly, our thanks go to the contributors for their chapters and patience while we brought this book to fruition. We hope you are as proud of...

All Foucault and No Knickers: Assessing Claims for a Queer-Political Erotics

Queer is quite a distinctive academic project and only partly because it is predicated upon a reverse discourse of discreditable desires. What...

The Ashgate Research Companion to Queer Theory

Book Cover A combination of distinguished and emerging scholars from a wide range of international locations, put the terms 'queer'...

Biologically Queer

I still cringe at the memory of seeing old D-ram mount S-ram repeatedly … True to form, and incapable of absorbing this realisation at once, I...


Dedication List of Contributors Acknowledgements Introduction: The ‘q’ Word - Noreen Giffney PART I IDENTITY 1 On...

The Curious Persistence of Lesbian Studies

In this queer (studies) age, lesbian studies emerges as the Curiously Strong Movement. The Unsinkable Molly Bolt. The little vagin that could....


For Nicole , my editor For John, folk devil, I miss you ...

Generic Definitions: Taxonomies of Identity in AIDS Discourse

The Violence of Definition The “Frequently Asked Questions on HIV and AIDS” page of the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC)...

Intimate Counter-Normativities: A Queer Analysis of Personal Life in the Early Twenty-First Century1

Foreword In what has come to be seen as one of the earliest announcements of the project of queer theory, Diana Fuss declared its ‘urgent’...

Introduction: The ‘q’ Word

The title of this chapter raises more questions than it answers. What does ‘The “q” Word’ refer to? Why use ‘q’, which is more properly a...

List of Contributors

Jonathan Alexander is Professor of English and Campus Writing Director at the University of California, Irvine. He is the author or...

Making it Like a Drag King: Female-to-Male Masculinity and the Trans Culture of Boyhood

The emerging field of masculinity studies in Canada, as evidenced by the series of intriguing papers presented at the ‘Making it Like a Man:...

The New Queer Cartoon

Who's That Slug in My Closet? The New Queer Cartoon Monsters, Inc. (2001) employs signifiers of the factory, the corporation, the city and...

‘Nothing to Hide … Nothing to Fear’: Discriminatory Surveillance and Queer Visibility in Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Surveillance has increasingly been part of the everyday experience of people throughout the world, whether it is through heightened security...

On Being Post-Normal: Heterosexuality after Queer Theory

Unwelcome Excesses You probably already know the story: in the early 1990s, academic and activist lesbian and gay studies had become...


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