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This authoritative, comprehensive encyclopedia is a rich source of information about the American West, real and imaginary, old and new, stretching from coast to coast and throughout the country’s history and culture.
Editor(s): Howard R. Lamar
Edition: 1st
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Timeline of the American West


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Abbey, Edward (1927–89)

Writer. Born in Home, Pennsylvania, Abbey first came West in the summer of 1944 as a 17-year-old hitchhiker. If, as he later wrote in Desert...

Abbot-Downing Company


Abert, John James (1789–1863) and James William (1820–97)

First commander and member, respectively, of the Corps of Topographical Engineers. The elder Abert graduated from West Point in 1811, resigned...

Abilene, Kansas



The New Encyclopedia of the American West is the product of more than 500 people: contributing authors, Yale faculty colleagues, graduate...

Acoma Pueblo

Keresan Indian village in central western New Mexico. The Acoma Pueblo is one of the oldest continuously inhabited sites in North America,...

Adams, Andy (1859–1935)

Novelist and short-story writer. Adams, now remembered as the most articulate spokesman for the authentic “Old West” of the cattle kingdom, was...

Adams, Ansel Easton (1902–84)

Photographer, writer. One of the most widely recognized photographers of the twentieth century, Adams is best known for his dramatic...

Adams Express Company

Adams and Company, founded by Alvin Adams, first operated in Massachusetts in 1840, where, with the American Express Company, it pioneered the...

Adams, Hank. (1943–)

Assiniboine-Sioux activist. Adams was born on the Fort Peck reservation in Montana but grew up in Indian communities in western Washington. He...

Adams, John Quincy (1767–1848)

Statesman. A son of President John Adams, John Quincy Adams was preeminently a nationalist during the major portion of his life. It was only in...

Adams-Onís Treaty (1819)

Cession of the Floridas and establishment of the western boundary of the LOUISIANA PURCHASE , The Treaty of SAN LORENZO of 1795, which...

Adams, Ramon Frederick (1889–1976)

Writer and collector of western folklore. A native of Moscow, Texas, and a graduate of Austin College in 1912, Adams avidly collected the...

Adams, William Lysander (1821–1906)

Writer, editor, farmer, and physician. Adams was born in Plainsville, Ohio, the son of a Great Lakes ship captain and land speculator. After...

adobe architecture

Prehistoric Indians of the Southwest, as well as those in historic times, built single-and multi-storied houses of rock or adobe. Adobe...


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