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Terms covering world politics, international relations, local and national government and the European Union.
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Legislative procedure in the United Kingdom
Legislative procedure in the European Union
Legislative procedure in the United States of America
United Kingdom court structure
United States of America Federal court structure
The United Kingdom: Members of the Cabinet
Prime Ministers of Great Britain
Structure of a British Government Department: The Department of Trade and Industry
Kings and Queens of England since 1066
The United States of America: Members of the Cabinet
Presidents of the United States of America


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10 Downing Street

/ten danıŋ strit/ ; noun the house of the Prime Minister, where the Cabinet meets and which is the centre of the executive branch of the...

1922 Committee

/naıntin twenti tu kəmıti/ ; noun a committee formed of all backbench Conservative MPs in the House of Commons, who meet regularly and...


abbreviation Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada ...


/əbændən/ ; verb to give up or not to continue something to abandon a Bill, an action to give up trying to promote a Bill ...


/æbdıkeıt/ ; verb to give up the position of king or queen of a country ...


/æbdı'keı(ə)n/ ; noun the act of giving up the position of king or queen of a country ...

abide by

/ə'baıd ba/ ; verb to obey something such as an order or a rule The government promised to abide by the decision of the High Court. ...


/æbdəreı(ə)n/ ; noun the act of giving up something ...


/əbdə/ verb 1. to give up something 2. US to swear not to bear allegiance to another country ...


/ə'bəd/ ; noun the place where someone lives ( formal ) right of abode ...


/ə'blı/ ; verb to put an end to an institution or practice The Chancellor of the Exchequer refused to ask Parliament to abolish the tax on...


/æbəlı(ə)n/ ; noun an act of putting an end to an institution or practice to campaign for the abolition of the death penalty ...


/æbrəgeıt/ ; verb to overturn a treaty or law ...


/æbrəgeı(ə)n/ ; noun the act of overturning a treaty or law ...


/æbsəns/ ; noun the fact of not being where you usually are or where you are expected to be. leave of absence in the absence of ...