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Open Algonquin Indians
Algonquin Indians

Native American people who occupied the Ottawa River Valley, the border between the present-day Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Both

Open American Indian Movement
American Indian Movement

The American Indian Movement (AIM) was formed in 1968 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to protest police brutality. Founders of AIM included Clyde

Chinese Exclusion Act, 1882

The Chinese Exclusion Act was an immigration policy passed on May 6, 1882, by the U.S. Congress that suspended the entry of Chinese laborers into the


Deism is a rationalistic, critical approach to theism with an emphasis on natural theology. The Deists attempted to reduce religion to what they

Open General Allotment Act (1887)
General Allotment Act (1887)

The 1887 General Allotment Act, also known as the Dawes Act, authorized the president to select reservations to undergo allotment in severalty, the

Open Indian Removal Act of 1830
Indian Removal Act of 1830

The Indian Removal Act was the culmination of political debate during the first two and a half decades of the19th century, a divisive debate that

Open Indian Reorganization Act
Indian Reorganization Act

The Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 (also known as the IRA or the Wheeler-Howard Act) was the signature piece of Office of Indian Affairs (OIA)

Open Japanese American internment
Japanese American internment

The Japanese American internment consisted of the relocation and incarceration of more than 110,000 persons during World War II. It is one of the most

Open Xenophobia

Literally “the fear of strangers,” xenophobia is the targeting of foreigners and estranged citizens for stigmatization, discrimination, and