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Wagner, Otto, 1841-1918

Otto Wagner was unquestionably the father and leader of the Viennese school of architecture that produced Adolf Loos, Josef Hoffmann, Josef Olbrich,

Wallis, Barnes, 1887-1979

British aeronautical engineer who designed the airship R-100, and during World War II perfected the ‘bouncing bombs’ used by the Royal Air Force

Wankel, Felix, 1902-1988

German engineer who developed by 1956 the rotary engine that bears his name. Wankel was born in Luhran. In 1927 he became a partner in an engineering

Open Washington Monument (Washington, D.C.)
Washington Monument (Washington, D.C.)

obelisk-shaped tower, 555 ft 51/9 in. (169.3 m) high, located on a 106-acre (43-hectare) site at the west end of the Mall, Washington, D.C.; dedicated


mechanical energy derived from falling or flowing water, e.g., rivers, streams, and the overflow of dams. The wooden water wheel , long utilized for

Watt, James, 1736-1819

Scottish engineer who developed the steam engine in the 1760s, making Thomas Newcomen 's engine vastly more efficient by cooling steam in a condenser

Watts, George Frederick, 1817-1904

English painter and sculptor. Influenced by the Venetian masters, he painted biblical and classical subjects, but his fame was based largely on his

Weather forecasting

Prediction of changes in the weather . The forecast is based on several different types of information from several sources. Weather stations are

Westinghouse, George, 1846-1914

US inventor and founder of the Westinghouse Corporation in 1886. He patented a powerful air brake for trains in 1869, which allowed trains to run more

Open White House (Washington, D.C.)
White House (Washington, D.C.)

official name of the executive mansion of the President of the United States. It is on the south side of Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C., facing