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Open Taro

As corn or maize, potatoes, and wheat are staples for people who live in the temperate regions of the world, so taro is a staple in the tropics


An annual grass in the Poaceae family, teff ( Eragrostis tef ) has a number of names. Teff surely derives from “tef,” which in turn may derive from

Open Tequila

Tequila, one of the world's most popular alcoholic drinks, is distilled from the sugars of the agave tequiliana Weber azul (blue Weber agave), a

Open Thyme

( tìm ), any species of the genus Thymus, aromatic herbs or shrubby plants of the family Labiatae ( mint family). The common thyme, which is used as a

Open toad

name applied to certain members of the amphibian order Anura, which also includes the frog . Although there is no clear-cut distinction between toads

Open Tofu

Also known as soybean curd and bean curd , custardlike white tofu is made from curdled SOY MILK , an iron-rich liquid extracted from ground, cooked

Open tortoise

( tôr'təs ), common name for a terrestrial turtle , especially one of the family Testudinidae. Tortoises inhabit warm regions of all continents except


A human construct, triticale ( Triticale hexaploide ) is a hybrid between wheat and rye. Wheat, providing the ovum, is the female line, and rye,

Open tuna

or tunny, game and food fishes, the largest members of the family Scombridae ( mackerel family) and closely related to the albacore and bonito. They


( tu'nəkĭt ), marine animal of the phylum Chordata , which also includes the vertebrates. The adult form of most tunicates (also called urochordates)